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Yoga: The present day solution for fitness and health

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The modern science is finally catching up with Indian sages and saying yes to Yoga for the upcoming fitness mantra for healthy mind, body and soul.

Fight anxiety with yoga:


Yoga is the way to relive anxiety if practiced religiously every day. The present day work pressure on people of all age groups has succeeded in bringing premature hormone problems, ageing and all the deadly diseases silently killing the peace and good health of its victims. No medicines give a permanent cure and also instil and aggravate the side effects which are more if not equally dangerous to the existence of human beings. Chemical and biological hazards are equally on rise due to usage and production to both nature and mankind.

Oxygenating the body cells to fight diseases with yoga:

Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching
Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching

The only way to fight the present day health problems of man is by reverting back to age old yoga practices and natural remedies. The simple anulom vilom yoga pranayam for instance gives enough oxygen to the bedridden patient to normal youngster and helps each and every cell with enough oxygen to combat its defect and work efficiently thereby causing even dreadful diseases like cancer even to vanish miraculously.

Baby Yoga: A new conceptYoga-Session

-Yoga helps the children to be more flexible

-It helps them to focus more

-it helps them to yoga-1146281_1920combat stress and anxiety related problems

-gives them an alternative to throwing tantrums and crying

-it helps them to develop the skills of resolving problems

-body awareness, space awareness and mindfulness are qualities that develop in kids due to yoga practices

-Many behavioural and development issues are miraculously resolved by yoga practices

-the bonding between parents and kids improves.

-It is a relaxation exercises which improves the health of mother, father and the kids thereby relaxing all.

-Even autistic children have benefitted by regular breathing yoga exercises and have come off medications.

Yoga for a peaceful mind and good sleep:

Restorative yoga prepares the body for restful sleep by settling the nervous system and thus a good sleep ensures body and mind fitness thereby ensuring good health.

Yoga for fitness freaks and athletes:SUN_257_09-ALL_fnl

Yoga tightens one’s torso, trims belly fat and also helps in creating wonderful abs. A dream for all fitness freaks and all who desire to look fit and fine is achieved by practicing yoga religiously. Working in a gym may make you hungrier and if not practiced regularly may make u disproportionate…but yoga has no such side effects. It has no temporary benefits like aerobics or working out in a gym or any athletic activity….Its effects are positive and long standing.

As Leonard Perlmutter has said that yoga is not just a scholarly pursuit, but it is a moment by moment and thought by thought practical guide for living.

Improvement in physical and mental health fitness by yoga:

Yoga time is a time of solitude, a time for personal dedication, something of a sacred kind which improves our physical and mental health.



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